How to deal with damp wood floor?

After the damp, wood floor without timely treatment is very easy to grow mildew, over time, it will be a large area of mold. So even we buy high quality products from plywood supplier in China, we still need to get the points of how to deal with damp wood floor.


We can use a dry cloth to wipe the moisture. If spilled on the floor and a small amount of water, and the residence time is not long, just use a dry cloth to dry. Due to less water, and the short time, the water will not penetrate into the interior floor; it has little effect on the floor, without undue stress. At the same time, we can suck water separate air conditioning. If the wood floor from block boards wholesale China was not very serious flooding, use a dry cloth to quickly dry the floor surface of the water, and then vacuum the floor mosaic at the gap from the water vapor sucked, and finally the air conditioning transferred to a low temperature, it will be able to dry the floor within the general one day.


Finally, bleach is also a number of methods to deal with mildew after damp floor without timely treatment are easy to grow mildew, over time will be a large area of mold. You can use this way if you buy best mdf wood in China. Mildew can be used warm a small amount of bleach and water in a 1: 3 mixture, wet cloth to wipe the floor. If the inside floor has mildew, you will need to demolish moldy floor, put a new floor in order to avoid mildew infecting other intact.