Udupi moving to integrated waste management system: The Hindu

The Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) is planning to implement an integrated solid waste management system to streamline garbage collection in the city.

In the door-to-door collection in vogue now, driven by 11 self-help groups in around 65 per cent of the city, there is no waste segregation at source.

While Rs. 30 per house per month is charged by the SHGs, the fee charged for hotels and other business establishments varies from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,000 or more per month depending on the volume of waste generated.

All the garbage collected is land filled at pollution control the Solid Waste Management Plant at Alevoor near here.

The integrated solid waste system is aimed at increasing the area under garbage collection and promoting segregation of waste at source.

Under this system, tenders would be floated, and the contractor be responsible for primary collection of waste, cleaning of streets, transportation of waste, and processing and disposal of garbage.

Since there will be waste segregation at source, the wet waste would be used to produce manure, while the dry waste will be segregated and recyclable materials will be sent to recycling agencies. The remaining waste will be used for landfill.

"We want the area under the garbage collection to increase to 85 per cent," said B.S. Raghavendra, CMC Environment Engineer.