Dental care for your baby

~~Did you ever wonder whether your child is getting good dental care? It is necessary that dental care is given high priority for maintaining complete health of your baby. High standards of mom and baby hygiene should be followed to ensure good health of both.

A good baby toothbrush is needed along with a fluoride free baby toothpaste as the baby is unable to spit the toothpaste. Also the brush should be soft to not hurt the gums of the baby.

It is essential, that parents should carefully clean teeth of their baby/child until they are able to do it themselves. Hence, it is recommended to choose baby toothbrush with a stable handle that the parents can hold comfortably. Soft / chewy baby toothbrush of silicone available in the market should not be used as they can damage baby's gums.

The most appropriate way to brush a baby is to put them on a table in a lying down position and place their head in such a manner that will give you control over the head movement. You can also lay them on your lap if that is better. You should hold the face around chin and cheeks to gain control. You can also pull the lips to be able to see the teeth and tongue properly. You should ensure each teeth has been cleaned properly by brushing the teeth with short movements. This will ensure that bristles reach the teeth as well as the gums. This pattern should be followed each day to maintain oral hygiene and good dental care. You will only need a small amount of baby toothpaste - around the size of baby's finger nail.

There are various mom and baby products available in the market which are not usually the best ones for you and your baby. Do your due diligence and then invest in the baby products that are required for baby's health and hygiene.