Tips For Choosing The Best Countries To Visit In 2015 For Your Vacation

Tips For Choosing The Best Countries To Visit In 2015 For Your Vacation

For every approaching year, travelers and vacationers have their unique preferences regarding places to visit and explore. There are a number of hotspots to choose from. Below are some of the popular and satisfying holiday hotspots where you may visit and make the most of your vacations spending quality time with near and dear ones.


What if I told you that if you visit Europe, instead of Paris, London,Rome or Barcelona you should head for the Balkans? With the exception of Dubrovnik, all other towns, cities and the coast seem more quiet and authentic that their famous European counterparts. Albania has the most beautifully clear riviera with white sand and wild beaches, fairy tale-like lakes and towns and zero tourist groups flooding the area. Bosnia's Mostar is one of the most picturesque towns with unreal, green river (some of the other cities dye their rivers green for St. Patrick's day - Mostar has it naturally all year round!). Explore these places by choosing Best Countries To Visit In 2015 for your vacation.


If you want something different, instead of the south head north and see how amazing the nature is in Ireland or Iceland. Green pastures,dramatic coastline and some beautiful beaches with clear waters are the best in the summer.You might be surprised how exotic Ireland looks in spite of its location so far north. You can see palm trees,rhododendrons and other quite unique for this latitude flora. Contrary what it is shown in the media, Ireland in the summer is full of colors and life.


If you are looking for something more exotic - first thing that comes to mind is of course Thailand! I have been there and it's my least favorite country that lost its authenticity completely due to the numbers of western tourists, not too mention the people involved in the tourism industry that will scam you every day. Try Lakshadweep Islands, North of Brazil (yes, there's so much more to Brazil than Rio!) or Turkmenistan. I bet you'll see things you'll never ever forget.


Each year Thailand is becoming more and more popular with tourists and backpackers from all over the world. You will find no specific type of visitor, but a diverse range of people of all ages, wanting to visit this beautiful destination for all different reasons.


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