Breastfeeding Week: Breastfeeding Precautions

Breastfeeding not only give the baby to provide adequate nutrition, but also conducive to the mother's physical recovery, But it is particularly important considerations, A little attention, give the mother brings troubles, what breastfeeding need attention?

1, to ensure adequate nutrition

By breastfeeding mothers, air max should ensure adequate nutrition, in order to meet the physical needs of the mother and the baby of two people, Otherwise, it may result in less milk, Queru, affect the baby's growth and development; May also make the body consume too much fat, thin shape, the future is likely to cause breast atrophy; Usually you can eat vitamin-rich fruits, drink soup, soup bones, trotters soup diet in favor of milk produced.

2, promptly drained milk

When feeding, appropriate to eat empty each time, If the baby can not suck milk completely finished, it would need to use a breast pump suction clean the residual milk,air max 90 avoid milk siltation, It will easily lead to bacterial infection caused by acute mastitis.

3, alternately feeding

When breast-feeding mothers should pay attention alternating left and right sides of the breast-feeding, so long as one side of the feed too much, which leads to the emergence of the phenomenon of asymmetrical breasts on both sides.

4, clean breast

Wipe clean towels every day with warm water or warm breasts, less than 2 times, Before feeding, but also pay attention to cleaning nipples,air max schweiz breasts and clean, Not only to avoid infection, and can increase breast suspensory ligament elasticity to prevent sagging breasts.

5, pay attention to emotional adjustment

Lactating mothers should pay attention to emotional adjustment, Maintain a pleasant mood, adequate sleep, full of spirit, Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption, exposure to toxic substances or taking drugs that affect the baby, Avoid all kinds of mental stimulation and negative emotions, so that the milk secretion and poor drainage.

6, Other Considerations

(1) The need to wear suitable lactating cotton bra, so as not to cause breast sagging, You can massage the breast properly, promote blood circulation,toms schuhe or do Breast exercise, prevention of breast sagging.

(2) If the laceration occurred nipples breastfeeding, you can stop feeding, use a breast pump suck out the milk; In addition to the coated cod liver laceration nipple ointment to prevent infection.

(3) If at the time of feeding, swallowing sound seldom heard when baby milk or baby's weight gain is slow, you should consider the problem of insufficient milk, the need for timely nutritional supplement.

(4) If you can suspend breast-feeding had mastitis, and other conditions to completely cure before continuing breastfeeding.

(5) After a cold mother, breast-feeding should wear a mask, or express milk with a spoon to feed.