Spiral Bevel Gears

Gears are very much important in society today as they are used in almost everything from kids’ toys all the way to your own vehicle. Truthfully, not everyone is really aware of their importance even today. There are many benefits to using gears such as spiral bevel gears because they can be used to make even the simplest things function the way they should. Even precision machines make use of gears so that they can get the work done faster and in a more efficient manner.

What are Spiral Bevel Gears? This type of gear is designed with helical teeth and is commonly used in vehicle differential. Vehicle differential refers to the direction of the drive from the vehicle’s drive shaft, which should be turned to 90 degrees to be able to drive the car’s wheels. The helical design of the spiral bevel gears makes less noise and vibration hence it is often used in many vehicles compared to the spur cut or straight-cut gear that has straight teeth. Spiral bevel gears set is typically repaired as a pair since gear manufacturers produce them in pairs.

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