A list of sales jobs that young adults can do that pay big commissions

Young adults who are eager to make money can make money

by going into sales jobs that are known for paying their employees

commissions on sales. Below is a list of seven jobs , that are known

for paying out commissions, that young adults can do.

Car Sales- If you are a young adult and hungry for some

cold hard cash than getting a job in car sales may be for you.

Selling cars is a great way to make some big cash, and car

dealerships are usually always on the lookout for young adults that

are eager to make some money. A lot of car dealerships are willing to

train young adults who have no prior experience in selling cars.

Usually there is no special license needed to start working as a car

salesman or saleswoman.

Real Estate agent- Young adults who want to make huge

commissions can always work in real estate, even in a bad economy

because everybody needs a place to live, and no matter what the

economy is like, people will always be on the hunt for buying a home,

maybe not in flocks but there will always be people all over the

country looking for a new home. Usually a person needs a real estate

license before they can become a real estate agent, but once license,

many companies will hire young adults with no prior real estate


Selling furniture for homes- Many big name furniture

stores hire young adults with no background in selling furniture, and

many furniture stores payout a nice commission when a salesperson

sells furniture.

Cell Phone sales- Working in a cell phone store is

another great place to make some excellent commission dollars. Many

cell phone stores hire young adults with no prior sales experience.

Home improvement- There are many home improvement

companies across the country that hires salespeople to go to a few

appointments a day, and try to sell home improvement products such as

windows, and the commission dollars are usually big.

Home security systems- Young adults who want to make

good commission dollars can also try to sell home security systems.

Many big name home security companies hire young adults with no

experience in selling home security systems and the income potential

is considerably high.

Jewelery sales- Young adults can also try to sell

jewelery at a jewelery store, because many jewelery stores payout

commissions to their salespeople, and young adults can make some good

commission dollars.