Pittsburgh LED Lighting Companies Bathe Warhol In A New Light

Maintaining an eco-friendly company is a self-rewarding endeavor, that's for sure. In Pittsburgh however, maintaining an environmentally-responsible firm can win you points. Since 2011, a group called Sustainable Pittsburgh has led a program known as the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge. This initiative allows the companies involved to have their ecologically sound practices verified by an outside party. Each activity undertaken by a participant earns that participant a predetermined number of points. The companies are sorted according to size and the one with the most points accrued over one year is recognized at a banquet downtown.

Until last year, the Challenge only accepted for-profit entries. But now, nonprofit organizations and the like have been included in the proceedings. In fact, the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh have gotten in on the game this year. The decision to get involved was a smart one. The CMoP was awarded a silver medal in its category (Medium Nonprofit).

The Museums went over their day-to-day operations with a fine tooth comb looking for opportunities to gain points. Easily enough, they managed to cut waste just by urging two-sided copies when possible. Most of the Museums' success however can be attributed to the installation of LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. However, the use of LEDs has been the topic of debate in the art world for years now. It should be apparent that lighting is of utmost importance to how artworks are consumed by patrons and therefore quality of LED lighting was a major point of contention. But in recent times, the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and is beginning to find its place in museums the world over. Also bolstering the case are scientific studies that show no long-term damage as the result of commercial LED lighting fixtures.

Pittsburgh is quickly becoming a national leader in green technology implementation. The Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge is evidence of the green growth that lies ahead for the city. In addition to all of this, we must remember that there are green companies who have been operating within Pittsburgh city limits for half a decade and more. For instance, Laface and Mcgovern, a Pittsburgh LED light manufacturer has been designing and installing LED light fixtures all over the city since 2010.

Many companies will do what is environmentally responsible out of a sense of duty, but incentivizing these actions through programs such as the one discussed above can't hurt. All of these actions add up to a city that is pretty on the inside as well as the outside. And Pittsburgh gets more pretty with each passing year.