Understanding of Scorpion 3D Stinger readily available out there

The household of Scorpion Compact Vision is prolonged with a collection of brand-new interesting items for 2D and also 3D Equipment Vision. The family members targets OEM as well as system integrators that want a professional configurable, low cost, easy to deploy and also sturdy multi-camera system for significant machine vision.

New Scorpion 2D Stinger 30 mm Baseline RPP Video camera debuts at Vision 2014 in Stuttgart rpp-stinger familiy

The brand-new Scorpion 3D Stinger 30 mm Standard Electronic camera power with a RPP random pattern projection laser is an IP-64 camera generating 3D images in real-time. The camera is very easy to place, has actually incorporated strobed LED illumination as well as a random pattern projection laser. The unit is powered with 24 V and attached to a Scorpion Embedded PC over GigE.

The Scorpion 3D Stinger cams extract 3D info on moving objects. The compact size and smaller sized baseline makes it a substitute for 2D video cameras where real 3D equipment vision is required in setting up confirmation as well as 3D item place.

The video camera is designed to function at a range of ONE HUNDRED to 400 http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/3d-camera.html mm with an equivalent 3D Field of vision of regular variety of 100 x 100 x 75 mm to 200 x 200 x 150 mm with an expected z-resolution of 0.1 to 0.3 mm.

A small IP-64 Industrial Stereo Vision system consists of a Scorpion Stinger Control Card, 2 GigE Cams, RPP-- random pattern estimate laser and high power LED and a 30 mm standard. The video camera works with Scorpion Compact Vision, Scorpion Vision Software application ® and also the special One Push Calibration gadget for automatic, rapid and precise 3D calibration.

Assisted by a full array of Scorpion Stinger equipment

There is an option of Scorpion Stinger Computers from the smallest Scorpion Ultra Compact COMPUTER-- 149mm x 105mm x 44mm-- the functional Scorpion Compact COMPUTER with growth slots, the Scorpion Embedded PC with 5 GigE ports and also a powerful i7 CPU and also for the most demanding applications-- a genuine Commercial COMPUTER with the current hexacore CPU from Intel.

Scorpion Compact Vision Principle

Scorpion Compact Vision System supplies powerful machine vision for 2D and 3D applications without the need of programming skills. The Scorpion Stinger household of equipment components works with Scorpion Vision Software program. We give all hw as well as sw components had to make machine vision automation. This consists of configurable sw for 2D and 3D picture handling, image keeping and traceability, data logging, configurable IO, interfacing with PLCs, robots and also data sources, assistance for the most recent GigE cams with expense as well as quality customized to the application. In the Scorpion Stinger family members there are industrial IP-64 2D and also 3D video cameras with integrated lighting, commercial LEDbars and also assistance for a large number of versatile IO modules. The Scorpion Vision Software application sustains basically any sort of method like rs-232, tcp/ip, modbus, profibus as well as OPC. For More Details visit at tordivelblog.com.

Scorpion Compact Vision solves nearly any sort of jobs within 2D as well as 3D robotic vision, tag inspection, assembly verification, colour recognition as well as assessing.