Consinee --high quality yarns for knitting machine

Equipped by the latest and most advanced production lines, Consinee yields the highest quality yarn for knitting machine. Cashmere is one of the most precious natural fiber to make high quality yarn in the world which in endowed with incomparable feel, bright luster and thermal insulation property. It is a symbol of nobility to wear cashmere clothing of high quality yarn. Consinee is dedicated to making a perfect high quality yarn industry chain and has became an integrated  group in the dyeing and spinning of woolen, worsted, semi-worsted and high quality fancy yarn, as well as best quality fabrics and an import-export business.

Let us review the history of Consinee:

Established in 2000, Consinee is solely-invested by company from Hong Kong. Consinee has its own material base with china largest quantity of dehaired cashmere and regular stock cashmere material more than 200 tons. In 15years,Consinee has obtained 13 patent including 4 patent of invention (which respective are cashmere fluffing and softening treatment, a method of dying cashmere quickly, a method of spinning angora cashmere, and a method of high count zhulimo cashmere) and utility model patents. In addition Consinee has developed new type fancy yarn, high quality woolen 2/36NM cashmere yarn, high quality 2/48 cashmere yarn, and made breakthrough in high twist cashmere yarn and core-spun yarn. At the same time Consinee has been titled “confidence textiles” by EU.

Consinee has 9 branch offices in nine countries and districts including HongKong, Germany, America, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Belgium. Consinee has high quality yarn sales outlets distributed in China, HongKong china, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and the United States etc.