The remuneration of the energy fed into the grid was

The remuneration of the ha tag peptide fed into the grid was based on the electricity pool price plus a premium, and additionally a complement for reactive energy. As long as the installed solar capacity did not exceed 50 MW, the premium for the facilities with rated power up to 5 kW was set to 36.0607 c€/kW h. For facilities over 5 kW it was set to 18.0304 c€/kW h. Unlike other technologies, no annual update for the solar premiums was provided.
Alternatively, solar facilities could elect not to apply the pool price plus premium funding system but a full price to receive. Its initial value was set to 39.6668 c€/kW h for facilities up to 5 kW and 21.6364 c€/kW h for those beyond 5 kW. These initial values were approximately equivalent to the pool price plus premium system, and no provision was made for their annual update.
All the incentive systems were established without time limit, but endothermic was envisaged a review of premiums and prices every four years.