Thus the RDL of January temporarily suspended the

Thus, the RDL 1/2012 of January 2012 [60] temporarily suspended the procedure of registration in the RPAR and suppressed the economic incentives of the RD 661/2007 for the new facilities of the SR. This measure would not affect neither operating plants nor those already inscribed in the RPAR.
On the other hand, the Law 15/2012 of December 2012 [61] introduced a new 7% tax on the gross revenues of all electricity producers and cancelled tax exemptions for the S peptide products used in the electricity generation. Additionally, the FIT was suppressed for the percentage of electricity generated with fuels in certain RE plants. In the case of CSP facilities that meant a cumulative fall in revenue between 19% to 22% (7%+(12% to 15%)), besides new taxes to the energy products employed to warm up the heat-transfer fluid.
Also, the RDL 29/2012 of December 2012 [62] excluded from the economic framework of RD 661/2007 the plants that were not fully completed before the deadline or with elements not reflected in the implementation project. It was explicitly defined when a facility could be considered as fully completed and when not.