Region-based development for a future India

India, a land of different culture and religion is coming to development. Being a land with model baju batik religions, languages, and cultures, India stands unique amidst the Asian countries, still on her way to become a developed nation. The whole country is working after solutions for the country's development. A nation's development and prosperity is based on the hands of its residents. Every individual has to be developed; because they are the one who makes the society and these societies makes a country. Now it's broadly accepted that the average person development is essential for a nation's development.

Our former President APJ Abdul Kalam lately explained his suggestions on federalism through a PowerPoint presentation at the 4th International Conference on Federalism. Explaining his suggestions to the 1000 that included heads of says, Kalam insisted on a region based development to sustain the economic development of our country. Despite the fact that India consists of 28 says which are multi-spiritual, multi-lingual and multi-cultural with a federal structure, our growth has to be region structured. As our rivers, hills, climate, minerals are area based development schemes also must be region based, he said.

The idea Region based development, expects even more concentration on a specific region, centered on the development of this region, thereby promoting national advancement. To help make the idea clear and more practical, Kalam India into seven regions- Northern, Western, Gangetic, North-East, Deccan, Southern and the Coastal. The primary competence of each region was brought out through the demonstration and each region as a whole was likely to have a holistic approach and vision to make progress in those sectors of primary competence also to converge together at a nationwide sphere through a healthy relationship of posting the fruits of their understanding and core competence together. A better example was provided by taking on the Southern region, comprising Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, east Kerala and southern Andhra Pradesh. They have the core expertise in agro-based industries, biotechnology, information technology, and BPO sectors. Thus establishing a perfect example for the spot based development in our country; Kalam expressed his views on the requirements of quality leadership and healthy relationship between the regions. Innovative ideas should be considered for the countrys welfare with advancement as the primary goal. Now the whole nation is all set to welcome the new region-based development combined with the promise for a well toned nation.

In our former Presidents watch, India needed quality leadership and the areas should reveal their infrastructure and knowledge among each other to lessen disparities among themselves. This, in turn, will help reduce conflicts between the states and thereby help in attaining the nonlinear growth. The reason is to make sure that the commonly- shared socio, financial and cultural virtues of the country is fully realized without any dilution. Focus on the region-based development is on its way to make the dream come true, a developed India soon.