LY 450139 Additional options for MSW management include for example biochemical conversion

Additional options for MSW management include, for example, biochemical conversion through fermentation and LY 450139 digestion to produce alcohols and methane and aerobic processes for waste stabilization and composting. Anaerobic digestion has become an attractive method in Europe for the biodegradation of organic fractions derived from MSW. Utilisation of the organic fraction of MSW for biogas production has a large potential and many AD plants are in operation around the world. Anaerobic digestion as a pretreatment prior to landfill disposal or composting offers several advantages, such as minimization of the waste disposed in landfills and could contribute to recycling. Anaerobic digestion offers the opportunity to produce renewable energy and a higher quality of treatment but requires technical know-how and brings financial burdens.
Since the power grid in Africa covers essentially the urban areas, according to the AICD (Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic) [38], the presence of landfill sites in the vicinity of urban areas creates good opportunities for producing electricity from landfill sites with low cost for grid connection. A stand-alone system can also be installed when the community surrounding the plant is able to use the electricity generated, thus creating opportunities for electricity access for remote areas without electricity grids.