Barbie Almalbis – Poet, Singer, Songwriter

Barbie Almalbis – Poet, Singer, Songwriter

If you heard of the duet version of the song "High" by The Speaks, then you'd definitely know who the girl vocals belonged to. The singer's full name is Yvette Barbra Almalbis-Honasan—better known in Original Filipino Music industry as Barbie Almalbis.


Barbie's First Step in OPM


Before Barbie Almalbis pursued a solo career as a singer and songwriter, she was the lead singer of the band Hungry Young Poets where the songs Torpe and Firewoman got them into the airwaves. She is also the lead singer for the band Barbie's Cradle where they finally made it to the top with their song Tabing Ilog (where the song has been used in an ABS-CBN teen television show of the same name). The also did their own version of the Ryan Cayabyab/Lea Salonga song called Limang Dipang Tao. The band produced a total of three albums before Barbie went solo in 2005.


Marriage and Solo Career


She is married to Martin Honasan, the son of Senator Gringo Honasan. They named their firstborn child Noa Stina. Her 2005 album Barbie: The Singles contains a compilation of her songs and compositions from her Hungry Young Poets days to Barbie's Cradle. Her songs were also used in commercials like Just A Smile (used by Close-Up) and One Good Day (used by Nescafe). As a born-again Christian, she also covers praise and worship songs.


Collaborations with Other Artists


Almalbis has also done a couple of collaborations with other OPM artists such as Kitchie Nadal and the band Pupil. She has also teamed up with other Pinoy artists in the cover/compilation album Kami nAPO Muna where she sang her own version of the APO Hiking Society song When I Met You.


Barbie at Present Day


With a new album released just last year (titled My New Heart), Barbie Almalbis continues to rock out the Filipino music scene with her poetic and meaningful tunes.