Explore the Best Adventure By Choosing The Best Countries To Visit In 2015

Explore the Best Adventure By Choosing The Best Countries To Visit In 2015

ADVENTUROUS TRAVEL offers an amazing insight into all the breathtaking and undiscovered destinations all over the world namely Africa, South America, Asia, Caucasus, Europe and Middle East etc.  We give advice, information and beautiful photos about all the places that we have visited (many of them don’t get any exposure in the media). If you’re looking for inspiration where to go next and you’re bored by London or Paris appearing on almost every list of countries to visit, try a different perspective!


Travel doesn’t need to be boring and repetitive like lying at the swimming pool all day long, it can be exciting! Here’s our guide to the best travel experiences we have had – An alternative list of Best Countries To Visit In 2015 includes various and mostly unknown destinations namely Albania (you might think: “What? Albania? Are you crazy?” Yes I’ve heard those reactions all the time! Just check the above list of best countries to visit in 2015, have a look at the paradise beaches and cozy little towns and you’ll love it), Iceland, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern states of Brazil and Ireland. You wouldn’t normally think of those destinations as perfect holiday trip, would you? Have a look what they have to offer and you won’t go to France again but this time you’ll choose Armenia or Bosnia!


During adventure travel, you will be on your feet for long periods of time. Depending on your travel plans, you'll be standing, running, walking, or biking for hours. You need to prepare your feet for the adventure. Blisters can slow down even the most physically fit travelers. For your adventure you will need tough feet, excellent footwear, and non-cotton socks. Like I said above, you will want to buy new footwear well in advance of your trip. You may have to go to several stores and try on several pairs before you find the right shoes. You will also want non-cotton socks to wick away sweat. Wet feet soften and blister easily.


World’s incredible biodiversity and variable climate offers a multitude of travel destinations to explore and enjoy. With so much to see, deciding where to go can often be the hardest part of your trip planning process. Often, a good first step is to choose one or two destinations, and then complementary locations can be found based on time constraints, proximity, and interest.


We love travel, so there will always be countless places that we think you should go and where your own discoveries lie. But we think that 2015 in particular is the best time to discover—or rediscover—these 10 sensational places. Get more travel information on my face book page @ facebook.com/AdventurousTravels.