Many elements zinc supplementation can enhance the male sperm

In the food fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, seaweed, sesame, peanuts are rich in zinc element.While zinc is vital for the male sperm quality, also is the fundamental one of the main causes of male premature aging.
After the men from the age of 24, the quality of sperm is in decline.Male semen contains a large number of zinc, zinc deficiency when the body that will affect the sperm count and quality.And the zinc content of seafood in food is the most abundant, zinc content in seafood a tiny oyster can meet one day (15 mg), to enhance the capacity of a man's sex.
Volume contains rich in zinc and middle-aged men have strong body to efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine health care products.Volume can effectively delay aging male sperm, so as to strengthen the powerful effect of male sexual function.For some old friends, have to face the sexual function decline.Volumecontaining zinc, is a good supplement kidney strong sun.In addition during the period of taking this supplement, at the same time, use of leisure time sports exercise more more, more can increase the body to absorb zinc.
� � month can see obvious effect, and will not rebound.