During the th century economic decision making

Table 2.
Environmental impact cost themes.AirWaterLandMaterials and energyClimate changeWater pollutionLoss of Temsirolimus and forestsRaw materialAir pollutionWater consumptionChange of landscapeWasteImpact on soilsEnergy and energy carriersFull-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
2.3. Human capital
Fagerberg has recently added to the human capital discussion in stating that it is first by practical application that education shows its value. Innovative technology and problem-solving gives a competitive edge and raises economic efficiency [88]. Good health affects endurance and better work attendance of the work force. Pollution and degrading work environment can have negative effects on health in society as a whole and acts negatively on effective use of human resources [89] and [90].
Human capital will therefore be taken as educational background and know-how, which is plasmids manifested in capabilities to offer service and production. These can benefit society as a whole.