How to let the baby have fun with toy?

Toy is children’s angel and good partner, especially for those kids who have no sister or brother in their family. I think most of parents would buy various toys from toys manufacturer in China for their kids. Then how do we let our babies have fun with toys? There are some tips for you when you choose toys.


The focus of attention of different ages’ baby is not the same as they have different interest in different toys. Therefore, choosing toys to the baby must be consistent with the baby's age. For some months, the baby may have fun with colorful toys and can emit sound interested. Under this situation, we could buy some sound car toys from remote control toys supplier for our babies. After 1 year old baby who would walk will pull toys, balls and other interest; 3-year-old baby who is to be used to playing house toy has a strong interest. Kindergarten is usually assigned to baby toys according to the age characteristics of medium and small classes, therefore, more attractive to baby toys.


The other way finding the right toys for our parents is going to the market of China novelty toys wholesale online and find the introduction of these toys and then follow the lead to buy.