Living in Faith as a Christian

Living in Faith as a Christian

Today, I am going to talk about faith. Faith that means “belief in the existence of God.” Faith that you read about in stories, and in the Bible.


Many people get turned off when the conversation turns into something religious or spiritual. I used to be like this, too. I used to wince every time my friends and colleagues would talk about their faith; their religious beliefs and practices. After a life-changing experience, however, I decided to take on a new path—one exactly like the path my friends tread. It wasn’t an easy journey as there were moments of indecision. But, because I was determined to become a better person, and to live a better life, I turned to my faith.


What is Faith?


Faith is more than just believing in God. It is about believing in what is real or true even without seeing or witnessing it. It is that feeling of sureness about realities or things that are not seen.  It says, “I have faith that God is creating wonderful things for me.” Faith is proclaiming that “I can do this because God says I can,” even if you didn’t see Him telling you so.


A person who values his faith is blessed. Just like the disciples. These disciples were ordinary persons; they weren’t perfect. They made mistakes and sinned, but they helped heal the sick, comfort the lonely, and give life to the hopeless. All because they had faith.


This is the kind of faith that I like, not the one that says “Believe me, I can do it because I’m strong (or rich or intelligent).” Faith in the One above is the kind my family and I embrace.


How to Live in Faith as a Christian


I make it sound easy, I know. But, living in faith is not as simple as 1-2-3. You have to have the determination, the passion, and the confidence that you can do it. I faltered several times; but I picked myself up because I was determined to become a better person. I was passionate about becoming a real Christian.


I am confident to say that I am now a Christian who lives by faith. To become and remain one, I slowly learned how to plant faith into my being; into my life. I started to translate that faith into reality by inculcating the attributes of someone who lives by faith into my daily life.


The first step was to get to know God again. We all know who God is. We all know about the great things He has done and continue to do for us. But, at some point in our life, we decide to look the other way and ignore Him. Although I did not totally turn my back against Him, I often (unconsciously) removed Him from my priorities list. To learn how to live by faith, I resurrected my connection with Him. How? By praying (more like talking to Him), reading the Bible, and by simply being around others who shared my faith.


I learned how to acknowledge things as if they have already happened.  I learned to think positively. Instead of dwelling on things that cannot be, I started to focus on the more positive things. I learned how to live as if I’ve already achieved my goals. Remember, you become what you think. So, thinking negative will produce only negative results in your life.


I turned my back on temptation. Temptation makes us do a lot of bad things. Once you allow temptation to rule over your life, it works like a chain and creates negative effects. Turn your back on temptation by praying for courage, and for the wisdom to know which choices or paths to take. I am not perfect. I still make mistakes. But, I do my best to consciously keep away from any form of temptation.


I learned how to find quiet time to meditate and listen. Communication is not a one-way street. Therefore, you should not do all of the talking. Find some quiet time and learn to listen to God. In the quiet of your heart, hear Him telling you of His faith in you. So, you should have faith in Him, too.


I learned to hold on to hope. People with faith do not easily lose hope, no matter what the situation is. If you stumble, don’t give up. Start anew. I did, and look where my faith has brought me. I have never been happier and more content with my life. Hope is what faith is all about.


Living in faith is not easy. But, living without it is more difficult. So, just continue to hang on and do what needs to be done. I held on to my faith because it was the only one giving me direction. My life is definitely better now.