equation a Rer cri Gr

Table 3.
Rer,criRer,cri and Gr at different conditions.VariablesAnderson [4]Present experimentGr4.8 × l043.2 × 1052.7 × 1065.4 × 1062.3 × 1083.1 × l086.3 × 1089.2 × 108Rer,criRer,cri (Exp.)320780210030001.7 × 1042 × l042.7 × 1043.1 × 104Rer,criRer,cri2406251800254016,53019,20027,40033,000Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
Evidently Eq. (7b) JWH 133 suggested to work well in a wider region of Gr range from 104 to 108 with a emphysema standard deviation about 2.13%.
4. Conclusions
AcknowledgementsThis research was funded by the 12th Five Year National Science and Technology Support Key Project of China under grant numbers 2011BAJ03B14 and 2013BAJ09B01, the Environmental protection public welfare project under grant number 2013467070, the Tianjin New Coastal District “Ten Campaign” Major Science and Technology Project under grant numbers 2010-BK140009 and 2010-BK140002. The authors would like to thank Prof. X.M. Zhang for his collaboration and insightful discussions.