Fig xA High frequency pressure results

2.2. Experiment process and measurement methodology
The high-frequency pressure in the detonation combustor can be used to compute the transient propagation frequency and velocity of the CRDW, as well as the propagation direction and mode. To acquire the high-frequency pressure in the detonation combustor, PCB sensors (PCB Company, Model 113B24) were installed on the outer wall of the combustor with axial interval of 20 mm. Pressure in detonation combustor (Maxwell Company, Model MPM480) was also measured to see the pressure level, and also to confirm the formation and flameout of the CRDW.
The installation position of the two kinds of transducers VX-809 marked in Fig. 4, with their performances listed in Table 1.
Fig. 4. Installation and location of the Z lines transducers.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
Performance parameters of pressure transducers.Maxwell MPM480PCB 113B24Measurement range: 0.2–2 MPa;Sensitivity (±10%): 0.725 mV/kPa;Sensitivity ±10%): 0.5%FS;Sensitivity (±10%): 0.035 kPa;Maximum frequency: 30 kHz;Resonant frequency: ?500 kHz;Actual acquiring Frequency: 500 Hz;Measurement range (for ± 5 V output): 6895 kPa;Rise time: ?1 μs;Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV