In recent years much attention has been given to the

Recently, Mehrali et al. [49] have shown that AG 99 aqueous solution containing Graphene nanoPlatelets (GnP), having close reminiscence to ideal graphene in structural configuration, demonstrated high thermal conductivity at very low particle loading which correspond to the previous study on functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) [62]. Further, the increase in rheological property was reported to be minimal, which has paved promising avenue for its application in thermal transport system that strongly requires efficient heat transfer. Motivated by the above findings, further study conducted by Sadeghinezhad et al. [63] and [64] on the effect of GnP based nanofluid on the convective heat transfer performance showed an gestation anomalous increase in heat transfer coefficient, far greater than the thermal conductivity enhancement alone. Similar works on graphene based colloidal systems earlier conducted by Baby et al. [62] and [65] has also shown similar trend of heat transfer enhancement.