HTC One M9 is the phone whose sale will help the home of Cecil

Goldgenia is a British company that will take 99 smartphones HTC One M9, the bathe in 24 carat gold and sold in order to fund an initiative to assist the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, home of the world famous lion Cecil and where he was brutally murdered by an American hunter.

The price of each device will be around USD $ 2,470 and 10% of the total proceeds from the sale of the 99 terminals will go to Friends Hwange Trust, the organization that focuses its efforts on wildlife protection in that park in Zimbabwe.

In the Hwange National Park, the Lion Cecil was the most recognized animal until it was killed by the dentist Walter Palmer, accused of paying a supposed hunting license USD $ 50,000 to attack exemplary majestic miserably. To complete the picture and make it even more grotesque, the group of hunters which included Palmer is also accused him of skinning the cat and take his skull as a trophy.

The gold plated smartphone can be purchased directly through the company website; for those interested in making the purchase you are encouraged to review in detail the conditions of purchase.