Fan Ye, wearing a fake baby and other shiny blind people

Fan Ye, wearing a fake baby and other shiny blind people

The men's team ran goddess baby is a purple hair cos Athena, the goddess of the current guests COS Wallace joined the ranks of a purple wig makes a memorable.

How, put a wig to wear armor ran the men's team is not to make you feel kind of the wrong dimension of? Brazilian virgin hair is the best wigs.

Go deep royal sister range of children's Wallace an exaggerated purple wig is not easy music almost! Han put a blue wig incarnation saint, people can not look!

Fan Ye microblogging exposes modeling photos, so cool handsome styling is more like friends laugh Barabara small magic fairy fringe of! Look carefully, Fan Ye, the wig is quite sophisticated, minimalist layers of tress neat, violet hair color Chende Fan Ye more white juicy.

In contrast, baby Athena modeling is more stay Meng, fantasy purple wig gives the feeling of soft, small fringe Partial plus flamboyant golden hair ornaments, fine braided hair decorated with subtle, very elegant.

Compare the original animation, the two goddesses a cold dark purple high waist long hair, is a dream of light purple hair, loose chest, Xian Qi is full. From the overall effect, Fan Ye hair color seems to be more in line with the original!