How NHG works.

How NHG works.

Who is this guy? And why can he give answers you will not get elsewhere about NHG?

My name is Willem Nijs. Since 2008 I specialised myself in finding solutions to loss files in every possible situation. For people like yourself. Houses sold for less than the mortgage debt, because the value is less than the debt.

Maybe you've seen me or my collegeau in magazines, or on television. A lot of people know huisverkopenmetverlies, thanks to the TROS radar broadcast. Yes we have been on the news, being interviewed about the new NHG regulations. Because we are on of the few companies that stand up for consumers in this situation.We are often called by journalists, to tell more about our experiences in loss cases.

What you should do now?

Grab a cup of coffee. Make sure you will not be disturbed in the next hour. Turn your telephone off and lock the door. Read this file. Add value to yourself. Maybe I can help you, maybe I can not help you. I want your situation to improve. Hopefully the following will help you.

Why does nobody know how it precisely is with NHG?

I was standing in the middle room of my office. On the other side of the telephone was Niels van Nimwegen, journalist at TROS radar. He came to us, because nobody else could give him clear answers to his NHG questions. He had the same questions you most likely have now.

When do you get remission?
Why can nobody give me an answer beforehand?
Why is the bank being so difficult about simple questions?
What is the best I can do in my situation?

Niels is a skilled research journalist. He knows where to get information and answers. He knows experts in almost every niche. But when I talked to him, he admitted he could not find clear answers and asked himself: If I can not find the right information, while doing it full-time as my job, how much harder is it for consumers to find the right information?

I will soon give you the answers, in my next post!