Replica Handbags VMA 2013 Replica Handbag Red Carpet Trends

The VMA’s were this past weekend and it was the perfect time to pick apart your favorite celebrity’s fashion and replica handbag style choices. Amongst all of the replica handbags, there was one trend that was prominent on the red carpet of the VMA 2013, and we’re going to break it down for you right now.

With a quick glance over the attires that walked the red carpet of the VMA 2013 award show, it was obvious that clutches were the replica handbag choice for almost all of the celebrities. However, most of them didn’t have small little clutches and Michael Kors Jet Set Signature PVC Large Beige Backpacks opted for larger styles similar to the size of the replica Hermes handbag style Jige Long Wallet. It pretty much is exactly what the name describes it to be. It is a Hermes replica handbag that is in the shape of a wallet, only a bit longer so that it can cheap Michael Kors Backpacks bags accommodate all of your red carpet necessities. Aside from the size, there was one specific trait that kept appearing amongst all of the clutches that were tightly grasping to the celebrity hands holding them.
Celebrities had, as mentioned, a larger style of clutches but the colours that kept reappearing were mostly all neutrals. Clutches that were cheap MK backpacks bags brown, beige, white, creams and lighter options of pastels were the prominent trend of the red carpet. The tones worked perfectly with the cheap MK handbags contrast of the red carpet and the stunning gowns that each celebrity rocked flawlessly. Some celebrities did opt for more bolder options in colours, such as the orange in the Jige Long Wallet, but most of them stuck with something neutral and classic. This also allows the replica handbags to be versatile and used with other outfits. However, celebrities usually don’t wear something more than once.

If only! After all that money spent, their clutches will probably be auctioned off to some sucker who doesn’t know that they can purchase replica handbags for much lower, and the same quality.