Advantages of LED panel light

We all like ask the seller the same question if we buy their products. “What advantages of this product are?” Of course, this kind of question comes to LED panel manufacture in China too. Now we can have a look at the benefits of using LED panel light.


First, LED panel light has a long life compared to the ordinary light. LED theoretical life is up to 100,000 hours. As at 8 hours per day, the theoretical life of more than 27 years. CPL light Cup theory of life is even more than 10 million hours. In addition, various changes are in the way for light LED Panel Light. LED panel lights coming from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers can be adjusted according to different needs and circumstances change light color, not only did not produce radiation and glare, and can protect eyesight, light color more moderate. Finally, LED panel lights light vibration strong. In the LED panel lamp, LED light source is a high hardness resin instead of tungsten phosphor glass, not easily damaged, so the vibration force is relatively high ambient temperature adaptability.


There is no more question and trouble when you go to the square LED panel wholesale and want to buy the relative products.