Simple Crockpot Recipes for a Three-Course Meal

Simple Crockpot Recipes for a Three-Course Meal

I never ever thought a crockpot can be so flexible. On a recent obstacle with a number of friend, we came out with a three-course dish; appetiser, main course and a dessert, all performed in with a crockpot! With the help of our cookbooks, you could make wonders. Allow me share the crockpot dishes with you and try it for yourself. Maybe you can say that this might not be a three-course dish, yet it sure was a party-saver ...

Smoked Sausage And Beans

2 lg. pork-n-beans (3-21 oz. cans).

1 pt. chili dressing.

1 c. cookout sauce.

1 c. pleasant and sour sauce.

1u00a01/2 pounds. smoked sausage (sliced in to bite-size pieces).

On a 12-inch Dutch oven, location all active ingredients in Dutch stove. Mix together.

Bake for 30 moments at 375 diplomas.

Crockery Flowerpot Chicken In Mushroom Sauce.

3 entire chicken busts, halved.

1/4 c. dry white wine or chicken brew.

1 can lotion of chick soup.

1 (4 oz.) could mushrooms, cut.

Salt & pepper.

Area chick pieces in crockery flowerpot. Period with salt and pepper. Mix wine and soup. Browse here at the link the guide to to research the meaning behind it. Pour over chick. Include mushrooms. Cover and chef on low for 7 to 9 hours or higher 3 to 4 hours. Recipe may be increased in 5-quart crockery flowerpot.

Spiced Fruit Cobbler.

4 cans or 1 qt. To discover additional info, consider checking out: fruit.

1 tsp. For one more perspective, we recommend you check-out: nutmeg.

1 tsp. cinnamon.

2 tbsp. sugar.

1 pkg. white birthday cake mix.

1u00a01/2 c. This unusual article has various grand tips for where to ponder this activity. water.

1u00a01/2 c. water.

2 eggs.

Location drainpiped fruit slices in base of Dutch oven. Sprinkle with flavors and glucose. Mixture cake mix, water and eggs.

Pour over fruit mixture. Cover and prepare 25-35 moments at 350 levels.