Mitsubishi PM300DSA120 Intelligent Power Module

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PM300DSA120 is Mitsubishi’s Intelligent Power Module that will enhance the performance of your UPS. Perfectly designed for power switching applications, it can operate up to a frequency of 20 kHz. It also has a collector current of 300A plus a collector emitter voltage of 1200V. All these abilities on a device that only weighs 2.01 lbs.!


PM300DSA120 has excellent built-in control circuits in an excellent gate drive. It has its own protection system that safeguards itself from short circuiting, under voltage, over current and overheating. With these possible problems managed, you won’t have to worry about increasing the power supply of your UPS!


Efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness – these are the three main benefits PM300DSA120 can promise you! Buy one for your UPS! It’s truly a worthy investment.