Ten Cool Las Vegas Wedding Choices


If you are planning a wedding in Las Vegas, you may not be aware of all the possibilities that you have available to you. Here are ten interesting Las Vegas wedding possibilities. Although they may not be as renowned as the a lot of wedding chapels Las Vegas has, they will surely leave the same lasting impression.

1. Helicopter Weddings - Several Las Vegas wedding chapels, as well as Papillon Helicopter Tours, offer helicopter weddings. The ceremony can take location as you fly above the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip or you have the choice of flying to the Grand Canyon and saying your nuptials there.

2. Red Rock Canyon - A lot of wedding places offer you wedding packages at this canyon place. Discover extra info on the affiliated link - Click here: url. Red Rock Canyon is situated just west of Las Vegas and gives gorgeous scenery creating it an perfect internet site for wedding ceremonies.

three. Identify more on a related web site by going to guide to legacyweddingsandreceptions.com/receptions.html/. Yacht Weddings - You can have your wedding on a 60 foot private yacht as it floats around on lovely Lake Las Vegas.

4. Gondola Weddings - Weddings can also take spot on a gondola at Lake Las Vegas. In case you require to be taught further about privacy, there are millions of libraries you should consider pursuing. The Venetian provides gondola weddings as nicely. They take spot on a canal at the Venice themed hotel.

5. Mount Charleston - Mount Charleston is positioned less than an hour from the Las Vegas Strip. It is a well-known Las Vegas getaway, especially in the summer months when temperatures are usually thirty degrees cooler than in the Valley. The hotel and lodge up on the mountain each offer wedding packages.

six. To check up additional information, we recommend you take a view at: tour legacyweddingsandreceptions same sex wedding ceremony ideas. Lake Mead Weddings - You can get married on a two level Mississippi style paddlewheel boat although it floats about on this famous man produced lake.

7. Stratosphere Roller Coaster - If you are truly adventurous, say I do on this roller coaster which is located close to the prime of an 1100 foot tower.

8. Bonnie Springs Old Nevada - This replica of an 1880s Old West mining town is situated just west of Las Vegas, in the Red Rock Canyon region. The town consists of a western style chapel exactly where ceremonies can be performed. BBQ dinners are available for wedding receptions.

9. The renowned Las Vegas sign - A couple of Las Vegas chapels can arrange a wedding ceremony at this popular Las Vegas landmark.

ten. Hot Air Balloon Weddings - What could be much more cool than becoming husband and wife as you soar above the earth in a hot air balloon?

So if you want to get married in Las Vegas, know that you are not limited to possessing a ceremony in a wedding chapel. Las Vegas wedding areas offer a lot of possibilities to let your imagination run wild when organizing your massive day..