NWM Furniture Sales and Rental Services Give Clients a Flexible Way to Furnish Homes and Businesses

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NWM Furniture Sales and Rental Services Give Clients a Flexible Way to Furnish Homes and Businesses


(Lagrange, Georgia) April 16, 2015 -- NWM Furniture Sales and Rental has positioned itself as one of the leading places to buy, rent or lease furniture in Georgia, the Florida panhandle and parts of Alabama. Offering a full range of services allows clients to have all their furniture acquisition and moving needs dealt with by a single company.


The rent-to-own industry alone, just one aspect of NWM's services, makes more than $8 billion dollars per year, according to RTO HQ. Furniture rental and leasing is popular with individuals who would rather not pay one lump sum all at once. It is also great for people who do not want to put a loan on their credit reports. Businesses enjoy the flexibility of renting or leasing. It is perfect for contractors trying to sell properties and corporate apartment owners who want to offer the best furniture available.


NWM Furniture Sales and Rental offers furniture moving services on top of sales and rentals. The consumer does not need to move any of the items, which often include everything down to the smallest detail. When customers decide they no longer want the items, movers will even come pick them up. One of the biggest hassles about getting furniture is eliminated using these services.


About National Warehouse Management Furniture Sales and Rental:


NWM has been in the business for more than a decade. Since that time, it has expanded multiple times to new areas and to include new services for clients. The company works very hard to provide fast responses to every possible furniture and furniture rental need. The owner and staff are dedicated to ensuring the quality of the products and the service meets their exacting standards. Watch out for this company to grow even more than it already has in such a short time.



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