The Great, The Negative, And The Ugly Truth About TELEVISION And Your Pre-schooler


I am mom of a preschooler and I've to acknowledge that my child watches hrs of tv every week. I am sure he watches more hours than any teacher would suggest, but I've chose to dismiss the suggestion of the so-called experts. For the report, my child is really a precocious, clever child who started pre-school at the head of his class and will begin kindergarten next fall at the head of his class. Who is right? I do believe we both are because there are good, bad, and ugly facts about tv and the set.

There are lots of good truths about television. To-day there's more quality programming made with academic benefits in mind than previously. While I did have Sesame Street within my youth, to-day my daughter or son has many channels designed specifically to supply quality programming (usually developed by or with educators). My son or daughter learned Spanish and sign language in pre-school but his knowledge was reinforced and extended by Maya, Sesame Street and Miguel, Dora The Explorer, and other shows. Library and preschool programs introduced my child to science and math but his understanding was also increased by Stanley, Discovery Kids, and Bear In The Big Blue House. Literacy, history, culture, and social relationships were all enhanced by shows including Power Rangers, Blues Clues, and Thomas The Tank Engine. Through tv programs my daughter or son can experience sharks, volcanoes, dinosaurs, and rain forests and consequently he is knowledgable and far more informed than I was concerning the world at his age.

There are several bad truths about preschoolers' relationship to television also. Identify extra information on the affiliated URL - Visit this webpage: My daughter has learned attitudes, bad habits and language from some shows and net-works. I have seen my child and others take on a zombie-like element in front of the television. For some children, thankfully not mine, television takes the place of active play so the son or daughter lacks physical and emotional stim-ulation. Not all television is appropriate for pre-schoolers and may expose children to lifestyles, violence, and sexual situations that young children cannot, and should not, recognize.

The unpleasant truth about preschoolers and tv is that TELEVISION is just a tool -- and like several other tool it may be either used or abused. Way too many people depend on television like a sitter. I've done therefore myself. A lot of families place no rules or get a handle on over their preschoolers' television practices. Young ones can view whatever they want, whenever they want. If you know any thing, you will probably choose to study about url. It's easy to blame sites or the entertainment business for problems with our youngsters. It is easy-to analyze that cutting back television viewing will be the treatment.

The simle truth is that stability and get a handle on would be the real keys -- not limiting your child's use of television. This stylish open in a new browser essay has a few novel suggestions for where to provide for this belief. Stability TELEVISION viewing with quality household time and play time. Get a handle on what programs and shows your child watches. To get different viewpoints, please consider glancing at: graduation cap and gown. Television can be quite a positive force in-your preschooler's life if you exercise stability and control, but if you don't be careful then this could turn into a negative force. The simple truth is the course of the pendulum swing is up to you as a parent..