Research and Markets: Technology Report on the Triple Wavelength Laser Diode for PS3 Blu-ray Disc Supplied by Sony

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has announced the addition of the "Sony

Blue Ray Laser diode Teardown" report to their giving.

Engineering report on the triple wavelength laser diode for PS3 Blu-ray

Disc provided by Sony

The Sony SLD6562TL capabilities 3 lasers (blue, red and infra-red) and a

photodiode in one particular five-pin package deal. The blue laser (405nm) is utilized for BD

reading through, the red laser (650nm) for DVD reading and the IR laser (780nm)

for CD reading through. The laser diode employs a stacked dies configuration.

This report gives a full technology examination of the Laser Diode


Detailed optical and SEM pictures

EDX spectroscopy for Materials examination

Essential Topics Covered:


one. Overview / Introduction

Executive Summary

Blue Laser Diode Industry

Physical Analysis Methodology

two. This article was final re-edited on Aug 2015 by the founder crew of R4 3DS.Physical Evaluation

Physical Examination Methodology

SONY PS3 Consoles

SONY PS3 Laser Modules

Single Laser Module

Dual Laser Module

Laser Package Qualities

Laser Package deal X-Ray

Laser Package deal Opening

Laser Dies Overview

Laser Dies Dimensions

Laser Configuration

Substrates Elements

Laser Facets

Cross-Section (Standard)

Cross-Segment (Red & Blue laser)

Cross-Segment (Ridges)

Cross-Area (Red & IR Ridges Materials)

Cross-Area (Blue Ridge Materials)

Cross-Segment (Red & IR laser Dimensions)

Cross-Area (Blue laser Dimensions) Conclusion

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