Two Great Foods For Muscle Building

Have you ever wondered if you're eating the right foods for muscle building? With all the contradictory nutrition advice out there, how do you know what to do? One way to deal with all the information is to get back to basics. Forget about all the hype and trends and off the wall diets that people are promoting and try looking at things simply.


The most important foods when you're trying to build muscles are proteins. Your muscles are primarily made out of protein, and if you don't get enough protein in your diet, your body won't be able to build lean muscle fast, if at all. So sources of protein are clearly the best choice of foods for muscle building.


But one protein is not the same as any other, and some sources of protein are clearly better foods for muscle building than others. Among the commonly available sources of protein, perhaps the top choices are fish and chicken. Both are great sources of high-quality protein for your muscle building weight lifting program.


One thing that both of these protein sources have in common is that they are lean. That is, both of them are low in fat content. Chicken breasts are almost completely free of fat, and even the little bit of fat in so-called "fatty" fish is heart-healthy stuff.


When you're trying to build lean muscles, you should definitely make room in your diet for these two lean protein foods. They are both great for you, tend to be low in cost, and can be prepared in numerous ways increasing the number of enjoyable dishes in your diet.


There are, however, a few things to be aware of, even with great protein sources like these. While a chicken breast is great for you, chicken skin is high in fat and something you don't want to eat. Remove it from the breast for best results. Certain kinds of fish, in particular tuna, can be contaminated with mercury, so while fish should be an important part of your diet, you shouldn't eat it too frequently. And even these super foods can be ruined if you eat either of these in battered and fried dishes, or slather them with sauces and marinades.


Now that you know chicken and fish are the most important foods to eat for your muscle building weight lifting program, are you curious about what your entire diet should look like for the best results?