2 More Simple and Powerful Fat Loss Techniques

Getting rid of the excess fat you are carrying around on your frame isn't easy. If it was, you wouldn't be reading this! However, there are some simple, yet powerful techniques you can use to help yourself lose fat, regardless of which fitness plan you are following (if any).


You don't need the assistance of fad diets and pills to lose weight. You can get lose fat and reduce your body fat percentage by following two simple weight loss steps that I outline in this article:


Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)


In spite of the huge marketing campaign going on in the US right now to improve the reputation of high fructose corn syrup, this appears to be really bad stuff. Firstly, HFCS is in an ever-growing number of processed foods. It's a cheap sweetener that also extends the shelf life of foods, so manufacturers are using it in many foods. It's almost as if you were to start sprinkling table sugar on all your food. The excess empty calories are bad news for your waistline.


Some researchers also claim that HFCS affects your body differently than regular sugar. These researchers say there's evidence that when you consume HFCS, it doesn't trigger the internal signals that tell your body to stop eating. That would make you likely to consume more food and get fatter.


Whether or not further research proves that HFCS affects your body differently than regular sugars, one thing everyone agrees on is that most people, and Americans in particular, consume too much sugar in whatever form. Avoiding foods with HFCS will go a long way toward improving that situation, while helping you lose fat and decrease your body fat percentage.


Eat Smaller, But More Frequent Meals


Eating small meals every few hours will definitely help you to lose fat. This may seem hard to believe, but its true. When you go for a long time between meals, your blood sugar levels drop. This causes you to get hungry, but it also reduces your energy and concentration. You know what it feels like when you've gone too long between meals.


And you also know what typically happens when you do finally get to eat after going too long without food: you pig out. You eat too much, which drives your blood sugar levels way up. This causes your body to produce insulin, which drives down your blood sugar levels while also telling your body to store the excess food as fat! Next, the big spike of insulin in your system causes your blood sugar levels to drop too low, starting the cycle all over again.


Eating small meals more frequently prevents this problem. Your blood sugar levels stay more even throughout the day, preventing the crazy up and down cycles that send your energy and moods all over the place while increasing your body fat percentage. Clearly, this is a better way to eat.


And clearly, these two techniques are powerful tools for fat loss.