How To Choose The Best Online Dating Site by Vivian Johnson

There are so many to choose from! How do you even know where to begin? There really is no perfect way to do it. So, lets get started and see what we can do...

Start off by going to the different sites. See how much you can check out without actually putting up a profile. Make a list of the ones that caught your attention. Once you have about ten sites on your list, start digging a little deeper.

See which sites offer a free trial, no less than 14 days. Cross off the sites that do not fit that criteria.

Next, check out the different membership options and prices of the sites remaining on your list. If they seem outrageously expensive? Cross them off. You dont want to waste your time setting up a free trial profile knowing you find the site to be too expensive to join as a paying member.

By now, you should have 5-6 sites on your list. Choose up to 3 sites.

Now you will want to set up your free trial profile. Give basic information, and upload an attractive photo. Choose your User Name. (Please be not use names that are overtly sexual, vulgar or crude. If you do...? You will not like the type of emails you will receive!) Use the same one for all of the sites. Also use the same login information. It will make the entire process easier for you in the long run.

Remember: do not include any personal dreams, hopes, ambitions, future plans, etc. (You want to save that for sharing with someone you are interested in. Someone that has earned the right to share that part of you.)

Get started! The sooner you find the site for you...the soon you will find the one for you!

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