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If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. - W. Edwards Deming

In the US, from childhood, we are rewarded for giving the right answer. Giving the right answer has become synonymous with high intelligence. Those who prefer to ask questions may be seen as incompetent. The questioner may appear to lack knowledge. Yet, it requires tremendous knowledge and insight to ask the right question. Furthermore, it is the person who conducts the inquiry that advances society with new discoveries.

Generally speaking, providing the right answer does not lead to innovation. Providing the right answer is a form of problem solving. When we solve problems, it does one thing: makes the problem go away. Robert Fritz, who developed the philosophy of Creative Structural Tension says, "While problem-solving has its place, as a persistent approach, it limits accomplishment. The elimination of a problem does not mean that the desired result can be created. As distinguished, solving a problem does not by design lead to a creation. Creating is taking action to bring into being that which does not yet exist: the desired outcome.You need to answer 4 questions before ever starting to write the word-for-word text of your speech or presentation. I realize that sometimes you get so excited about the topic and the presentation itself, that you're tempted to just start writing.

Avoid the temptation. By answering the 4 questions, you're developing an outline that contains ideas for your presentation. You're not committed to those ideas, you're just trying to clarify on paper the ideas jumbling around in your mind.

I'm presuming that you already know the purpose (inform, motivate, persuade (sell), inspire, or teach) and the theme of the presentation. And you should have an opening (the first thing out of your mouth when you start the presentation).

But before writing the text of the speech or presentation, we want to deal with the 4 questions that cover the middle and the closing of the presentation. ask and answer questions