Health Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Health Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning

No matter what type of floor you have, or what type of business for that matter, caring for your investment should be one of your top priorities.  Cleaning and maintenance are just part and parcel of owning anything physical.  It’s even more important if you lease space and you’re responsible for returning it to the owner in the same (or better condition) than you accepted it. 


Carpet cleaning offers more benefits than just space maintenance.  There are serious health-related reasons you want to deep clean your carpets regularly.  Conversely, ignoring this task means you might have troubles that you never expected on your hands.  That’s just bad business, isn’t it?


You wouldn’t believe just how much can stay in your carpets.  That’s why there are ever so many sources that suggest daily vacuuming.  The pile that makes your carpet beautiful also tends to trap tiny, sometimes microscopic, particles.  And, those particles can be toxic. 


Particles that are often found in carpets includes dirt, dust, lead, cockroach eggs and pet dander.  You can also find bacteria and anything that’s fallen off a plate or spilled out of a glass in the pile of your carpet.  And toxic fumes in all forms love to stick to these particles.  As you walk across the floor, you kick up these toxins.  Now, this doesn’t happen overnight; there is a build up process that occurs.  If you leave cleaning too long though, this is what you live with.


We know you don’t want to think about this, but there are microscopic creatures living all around us.  These little insects find carpets (as well as mattresses and upholstered furniture) to be the perfect home.


People that suffer from airborne allergies are most often affected by these little critters.  Well, technically, they are usually allergic to the faeces these microscopic bugs leave in and around their homes.  That’s gross, we know.  We also know that most responsible people will read this and realise that they probably left it too long between carpet cleaning.  That’s because the chemicals and temperatures used in the cleaning process kills off these microscopic creatures and removes their, ahem, waste.  Remember, there is really nothing you can do to get these creatures out of your life; it’s all in how you manage them. 


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