Here to introduce Just Me From The Heart!

So I've been wondering about blogging for a while now. Everyone does it, so why should I as well right?

Well, just sometimes I have a lot to say and I've always been a writer, not a speaker. I'm not saying I always make sense, on the contrairy - I think I'm the only one who mostly understands my babble...!

But non the less, I've started blogging. Maybe someone, somewhere will understand exactly what I mean and hopefully, I can give some much needed advice every once in a while. Or just make you giggle a little while you're at work or just taking a break from life!

I will keep it short today. Just a quick introduction into who I am.

I am Stephanie, born and raised a proud African. I am a mom of two adorable, angel faced little monsters whom I would die for in a heart beat! I am married to the most wonderful, supportive man, who yes, MOST TIMES drives me totally crazy!

I am friendly, yet very sarcastic, I am out going, yet prefer to be in doors, I am honest, yet will almost always hide my true feelings (hence starting the blog), I have a good sense of humor, yet most people look at me weird when I'm trying to be funny and I'm normal, yet 99% of the time I feel anything but....!

So I hope you will keep reading my blogs. If not, well no hard feelings, we can't all like what the other has to say!

BUT if you do stay tuned, I promise to always give it to you from the heart!