Does Your Hardwood Floor Have Character?

Have you looked at your hardwood floors lately? They have a beauty that is unlike any other flooring option. However, some hardwoods have what may be perceived as flaws, but these qualities actually add depth and are referred to as character. 

Defining Character Hardwood

When you decide to buy hardwood floors in Toronto, you may decide you want character. To recognize this style in the floor you choose, you want to know what to look for. These are the woods with knotholes, streaks and color variations in them. Each one is unique, as if it has its own story to tell. 

Woods that appear older or more distinctly defined by their character will have deep knotholes and numerous variations in color. These patterns and designs cannot be duplicated with “fake wood.” Many times, they provide a nearly 3D appearance to your floors and make them the center of attention. 

Floors with these character designs are ideal for rooms with a rustic look about them. They fit in well in cottages or cabins and create a woodsy or country feel. If you like the character hardwoods, make sure they have the correct protection around the knotholes to prevent moisture from seeping in. 

This type of wood is generally derived from the part of the tree closest to the center or the oldest wood. It is the length of time that has created many of these patterns and is a testament to the tree’s long life. 

Non-Character Wood

The other style of hardwood flooring in Toronto is the smooth texture that appears almost seamless. Many people feel it has more of a sophisticated look that appeals to a broader audience. It has very few if any marks and holes and almost no streaks. The texture is also smooth and it has a contemporary style to it that allows it to blend in with many design styles. This wood comes from the outer part of the tree, which is younger and has fewer “blemishes.”

Both types of flooring comes in many shades to fit with your color scheme. The non-character wood can be used in modern designs, industrial styles and many others. It often blends in more and doesn’t stand out in a room as strongly in many cases. This is ideal for rooms where you have another strong focal point and don’t want the floor competing for attention. 

Choosing Your Floors

When deciding on a new hardwood floor for your home, you will want to consider how much character it has along with color and style of the wood. You also want to include any wood furniture that will be in the room when making your choice. 

Floors are just one aspect of a room’s design and must look cohesive with the other features in the room. When you select the right floor, it will enhance the entire design theme and will add to the atmosphere of the room. Beautiful floors make for a beautiful room. 

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