Have you ever wonder whats in the plate? why people hate each other? how can a person be so full of shit being so tiny.. well.. let me tell you, it is hard for me to hate people, you have to be a bitch for me to hate you, sometimes i see this girl, and i feel adrenaline coming through my veins and up to my brains and i feel like i really wanna punch the shit out of her, isn't that ironic? the worst part? she has never done anything to me, besides talking shit to my boyfriend and supporting bad choices from friends of mine.. how can you be so dumb? we're supposed to be the smart ones.. GIRLS.. we are the fucked up sex.. boys dont talk like we do, they dont hate peoplel like we do, they dont hang out like we do.. and if you think we are the lucky ones? we're not, they are, everytime they get together the have fun, they laugh, they talk about cars, about women.. and what do we talk about? about the hair cut of another girl we know but we're just being hipocrite, we talk about this girl that got pregnant by mistake, but the funny thing is, all of the generations before and after us, they're all just the same as we are, the generations don't change, people do.. so, i'm not saying im a saint, im just saying we are the mean, popular ones, they are just the nerds that get in our way..