Opportunities in Telecommunications Continues to Expand

Opportunities in Telecommunications Continues to Expand

Telecommunication is today’s one of the most important industry.


As it uses modern technology to help individuals and organizations communicate through online networks, the industry has greatly expanded to include a wide range of devices technologies and programs.


It cannot be denied that the scope of telecommunications has been greatly dominating today’s modern world. This is because communication is an everyday necessity especially now that we all belong to a borderless world and being in contact to our fellow individuals at the other side of the world is an everyday system, if not important.


A lot of telecommunication companies have been on the edge of competition, keeping track of what’s trending and what’s needed. Three of the leading companies in Indonesia, one of the largest countries with mobile and internet devices doubling the country’s population, have stated their acknowledgment of the great possibility of the industry’s longer stability. To express its assurance, XL Axiata, the second leading operator even managed to purchase Axis Capital Group, another one of the leading top ten among others.


With new technologies and innovations springing up every day in the telecommunications industry, there are huge profit opportunities for new players.


The following are the trending businesses related to telecommunications showing big opportunities and potential in this field:


1.            Smartphone Sales


In the streets of Jakarta, you will find different kinds of the latest phones piled up on blankets and being sold cheaper than the original. Not only are these phones products of scams and fraudulent acts but they are already dominating the city as well as the country. Indonesia is not the only victim though.


With this in mind, many people choose to buy from legitimate dealers and suppliers. The only problem is, there doesn’t seem to have enough distributors around. Selling smart phones is a big opportunity to let it pass.


2.            Call center agents


Telecommunication network operators receive several thousands of calls daily from customers who have questions and complaints. But because most companies are trying to cut down on their running costs, they now hire freelance call center agents instead of in-house support staff. Online telemarketers and virtual assistants are currently a trending job and there is always a need for one.


3.            Recharged Card Sale and Prepaid Stalls


Since people have to make calls every day, there is huge demand for airtime, which is commonly sold in the form of recharge cards. If you are planning to venture into the recharge card business, you have two options: you can either start printing recharge cards and sell on a large scale or buy from wholesalers and sell directly to consumers. It all depends on how much you have to start with.