Well, life's about choices, the choices you make in the past will eventually catch up with you in the future.. actually thats true, believe it or not.. I have this friend, she has a boyfriend, and he's amazing.. but she has a friend, the guy who took her virginity away, the first sex she ever had, the first rough sex she ever had.. AMAZING right? well, turns out, he would like to come to our country for his vacations from work.. PARENTHESIS: she was 16 when she met the guy, ever since they became good friends, kissing partners, sex partners, friends, they don't get jealous of one another.. but what if the pasts catches up? what if she believes its ok to fuck with someone because she wants, because why not? actually.. why not? she said that her boyfriend is amazing, but in sex related? well.. lets say "he cheat on her with me".. that's what she said.