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3.2. MLSS distribution and biofilm growth
Fig. 2. Biofilm and suspended Crenolanib growth.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
3.3. Microscopic observations
As aforementioned, qualitative microscopic observations were carried out on mixed liquor samples; they revealed in Period 1 the presence of “Type 021N” as dominant filamentous microorganism; its abundance could be justified by the features of the inlet wastewater, characterized by high loading rate of readily biodegradable COD (sodium acetate). In Period 2, on the contrary, it was noticed a relative abundance of filamentous species, only apparently similar to Nocardioform organisms, belonging to bacillus gram stain positive, that sometimes can grow as filamentous organisms.
3.4. Biomass respiratory activity and biokinetic parameters
In Table 3 the biokinetic parameters (as average values) referred to both suspended biomass and biofilm are summarized, whereas an example of the typical respirogram charts obtained, respectively in Period 1 and Period 2, is available as Fig. S.2 in the SI.