Conclusions Dilute sulfuric acid pretreatment

4. Conclusions
Dilute sulfuric PHT-427 pretreatment together with the combined application of xylanase and surfactants in enzymatic hydrolysis have great potential for the efficient hydrolysis of barley straw. The xylanase played the role of synergistic cooperation with cellulase in the hydrolysis by supplementing surfactants. A high glucose yield of 86.9% and xylose yield of 70.2% was obtained. The enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis provides the possibility to get optimal sugars from biomass pretreated with mild conditions. In the context of biobutanol production, enhanced sugar production could be applied to enzymatic hydrolysis with a elongation high solid loading, and the hydrolysate could be efficiently utilized.
AcknowledgementsThis study was part of the project ‘Renewable transportation fuels in North Karelia—development of expertise’ financed by European Structural Funds. The study was also partly financed by the ‘Doctoral Programme in Forest Sciences’ of the University of Eastern Finland (Finland), Niemi Foundation (Finland), and the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Finland).