Master bath remodeling on a budget

Master bath remodeling on a budget

Many homeowners are surprised to learn when they decide to remodel their master bathroom that the cost to remodel such a small space can equal the cost of remodeling an entire kitchen. The high cost of a master bathroom remodel combined with the fact that it’s one of the most frequently remodeled rooms equals a lot of stressed out homeowners wondering what to do.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that an upscale luxury bathroom remodel, in addition to being very expensive, is unlikely to recoup much of the cost. You’re much better off doing some minor upgrades for the bathroom. Here are some tips for a master bath remodel that won’t break the bank.


Vanity selection


One of the most important decisions to make when remodeling your bathroom is the selection of the vanity. This is especially important if you’ve got a smaller space to work with because vanities tend to take up a lot of real estate. European designs such as a pedestal sink are great because they’re designed for smaller bathrooms. Keep in mind that a pedestal sink may present storage challenges since you won’t have any under-the-sink cabinet space.

If you do go with a cabinet and sink vanity, choose a slim design that isn’t too boxy. Choose light colors as they make a small space look a little larger. Vanities with dresser-like legs are an especially good option because they give the appearance of more space without having to physically expand the bathroom. Depending on how much you’re able to spend, you can go with a more expensive counter top like granite or marble and high quality wood cabinets. You can also spend a lot less though you can expect counter tops, cabinets, and a sink of lesser quality.


Extra space, without changing the layout


The fastest way to drive up the cost of a bathroom remodel is to reconfigure the layout. If you’re relocating the toilet, tub, or shower, your bathroom will need to be gutted and a plumber will have to come in to completely redo the pipes. If at all possible, keep things where they are. If more space is what you’re after, rather than reconfiguring the layout, have the tub removed altogether. That will make room for a more luxurious shower with room for a bench for sitting on.

You can also find extra space in the walls. If you have deep enough walls, you may be able to install a tall cabinet in one of the walls to create some additional storage space.


Lighting and tile


Nothing makes a space appear larger than good lighting. If your bathroom is rather dark, consider adding some new light wherever you can such as above the mirror or over the shower. The more light the better. To really maximize the effect of new lighting, go with a light colored tile for the flooring that will reflect all of that light. You may even consider having tile for the walls as well.


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