ET439 Fuji Electric Power Transistor Module

Visit to get ET439, as this device is the perfect way to boost your UPS.


ET439 is the Fuji power transistor module your UPS needs! It is a high speed, high powered transistor module that is durable, reliable and easy to operate.


Fuji Electric ET439 has a low saturation voltage for higher efficiency which means that even at high voltage, there are no worries in using this device in high temperatures, as it prevents overheating.  No need to conceal the usual motor noise you get from other modules! This power transistor module has a high DC gain and discrete but super fast recovery free-wheel diode.  UL certification guarantees safety and reliability.


Fuji ET439 also has a high frequency operation which allows it to be used for many different purposes.  Aside from UPS, ET439 can be used for other different equipments such as forklifts.