About GetLaundry

Have you ever felt the most dreadful hour of your life while doing the laundry? If you think about all the other stuff you can be doing rather than sorting your clothes out and eventually folding them, then maybe laundry is not for you. Get someone else to do your dirty work in the most convenient way possible. GetLaundry is an online laundry service company tied up with the best laundry shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Book your laundry needs through GetLaundry's website, or use their mobile application available for Android and Apple devices.


The founders of GetLaundry have one factor in mind. They wanted a convenient way to get their laundry done, because they hated using their washing machine and folding their clothes themselves. It's also too much of a hassle to carry a week's worth of laundry down their apartment. This is where the idea of GetLaundry was born. They envisioned creating a system that will connect customers in their homes to laundry shops in the streets. GetLaundry started employing drivers and staff to pick-up their laundry and deliver them to customers. The GetLaundry also uses a business application much like GrabTaxi and Uber - enabling them to know how much more laundry needs to be picked-up in the area, and giving the customers an ability to track their orders real-time.


GetLaundry customers can book for a laundry pick-up at their convenient time, and have it delivered fresh and clean at their preferred time and place the following day. Services offered by GetLaundry include laundry cleaning, clothes pressing and folding, as well dry-cleaning.


With GetLaundry's innovation, getting the laundry done has never been this easy. Tap your laundries away with GetLaundry!