Biological ammonium oxidation is influenced by pH and

Nitrogen removal performance of DMH-1 Sponge-bed Trickling Filters at phase II-D.Parameter (unit)STF-1STF-2Average (maximum)Average (maximum)Sponge thickness (cm)0.751.5NLR (kg N/m3sponge d)1.680.95Actual HRTsponge volume based (h)1.712.96Air circulationNo air supply to 7 sponge sheetsFully openedInfluent NH4+-N (mg N/L)111.9 ± 5.5118.5 ± 4.6Effluent NH4+-N (mg N/L)34.3 ± 3.621.7 ± 3.6Effluent NO2−-N (mg N/L)0.3 ± 0.10.4 ± 0.1Effluent NO3−-N (mg N/L)18.9 ± 3.432.4 ± 1.1NH4+-N removal (kg N/m3sponge d)1.17 (1.22)0.77 (0.83)NH4+-N removal efficiency (%)69.3 (71.7)81.6 (86.7)N removal (mg/L)58.4 (66)64.1 (70.9)N removal (kg N/m3sponge d)0.88 (0.99)0.51 (0.57)N removal efficiency (%)52.2 (60.4)54 (61.9)N removal/NLR0.520.54Estimated NO3−-N produced due to Anammox activity (mg N/L)9.410.3Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload seminiferous tubules as CSV